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Bicox Health Bracelet

Bicox is a Bio System Technology Health Bracelet which integrates the healing properties of natural biophysical phenomena into aesthetic wearable’s towards improving the quality of life in this modern world. Consisting of magnets that improve blood circulation, a ZEROPA chip (a bio-ceramic chip made of 20 different oxidation minerals) and a bio-ceramic silicone band composed of 7 minerals including germanium that emits anions and far infrared rays, it protects one from the ubiquitous electromagnetic waves present in today’s modern technology reliant society and further enhances one’s state of being


  • Protection from electromagnetic waves
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Purification of the blood
  • Restoration of cellular function
  • Adjustment ability of autonomic nerves
  • Relief of minor pains
  • Strengthening of willpower
  • Increase alpha brainwave transmission
  • Improves physique & mental acuity
  • Dissolve cells like red blood cells into clear blood

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