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Body Composition Analysis (N2O U.Healthcare System)
N2O U.Healthcare system meet the needs of sports, nutrition and weight management professionals. The detailed body composition analysis demonstrates how changes in nutrition, hydration and exercise improve general fitness, health and wellbeing. It will ensure a better monitoring & compliance of health management programs towards targeted and speedier results

The N2O U.Healthcare System consists of: 

  • Unique body composition analyzer
  • Info-server that saves & analyzes ,easured data to provide course of therapeutics
  • U Healthcare website that monitors in real time those accumulated & prescribed data

Distinctive feature of N2O U.Healthcare System :

  • Precise measuring of body composition through the multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance (BIA)
  • Member’s management program and U.Healthcare website provided.
  • Lifelong measured data storage and accumulated graphs access
  • Latest diet and exercise prescriptions based on measured data.
  • Can be applied to all related products to enable lifelong healthcare
  • U.Healthcare system that can function linked with an anthropometry & blood pressure system


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