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Allergy testing is gaining in importance today. Annoying allergy symptomsare characterized by runny nose, fatigue, headaches, postnasal drip, sneezing, watery eyes, stomach upset, diarrhea, lethargy, breathing trouble, hives, itchiness, and anaphylaxis. Symptoms can occur during specific reasons, such as pollen season, or they can occur throughout the entire year, as with those induced by dust mites and dust. Considering the physical suffering , lost productivity at work, and tremendous health care cost caused by allergies, it is prudent for sufferers to identify their allergens through allergy testing.

At our centre, we use dynamic quantum health screening to determine allergy sensitivities, the most common being foods. Based on Chineese medicine, all things have a distinct electromagnectic frequency of their own. Energy called chi flows through various meridians or pathways in the human body.A disruption in the flow of this energy can be indicative of disease or allergies. Chi canactually be measured with special electrical instruments and physicians have been utilizing this method for over thirty years; mostly in Europe and some other countries

Our dynamic quantum health imaging system contains a library of electromagnetic frequencies for hundreds of potential allergens. Based on the biofeedback, we are able to discriminate the degree of allergy of the body to various types of food and materials. There has been research conducted both in Europe and the United States to determine the reliability of dynamic quantum health imaging system for allergy testing. This method has been found to be as reliable and accurate as the RAST blood allergy test. The test has advantages over blood allergy test. It is non-invasive, no risk of allergic episodes during the test and less expensive than a blood test.


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