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Cancer Management

Cancer is a disease involving multiple time and space dependent changes in health status of cells and tissues that ultimately lead to malignant tumors. Neoplasia (abnormal cell growth) is the biological endpoint of the disease. Tumor cell invasion into surrounding tissue and their spread to distant organs is the primary cause of morbility and mortality of most cancer patients. Emerging evidence indicates that cancer is primarily a metabolic disease involving disturbances in energy production associated with abnormalities in the structure and function of the mitochondria. The genomic instability observed in tumor cells and all other recognized hallmarks of cancer are considered downstream epiphenomena of the initial disturbance of cellular energy metabolism.

As it is known that, mitochondria undertake multiple critical functions in a cell, In addition to compartmentalizing the metabolic pathways and physiological states of the cell, the mitochondria generate much of the cellular energy, regulate the cellular redox state, produce most of the cellular reactive oxygen species, buffer cellular Ca2+ and initiate cellular apoptosis. Without normal mitochondrial function, abnormalities in DNA repair mechanisms and to upregulation fermentation pathways can occur. The metabolic waster products of fermentation can destabilize the morphogenetic field of the tumor microenvironment thus contributing to inflammation, angiogenesis and progression

In our centre, Dr Michael has been researching and practicing quantum energy in cancer management for 20 years and helped numerous patients around the world. Recently, Dr Michael is invited as the principal scientist and consultant in two of world’s most advanced non-invasive cancer management centers (Himalaya hospital, human energy research center, India and Shandong Chao Rui Shi cancer center,China ). He is dedicated to the research and application of life force energy for cancer supporting therapy.

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