Medical Fitness




Active Prevention

No two individual are the same. In Gaia Life medical fitness center, the active prevention programs are tailed to fit into the different needs of the clients. Before active prevention program, each client will undergo our holistic wellness scanning together with a physiological assessment. The physiological assessment will highlight the individual points of instability, which includes core and postural stability, muscular strength and power, agility and quickness, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning, movement pattern deficiencies and body compositions. The holistic wellness scanning results together with the physiological assessment will allow our trainer create a customized program that will help you achieve and maintain total fitness and wellness.

Benefits of active prevention

  • Safe, medically based exercises designed to improve strength and fitness
  • Supervision by experienced athletic trainers and exercise physiologists
  • Prevent development of chronic diseases
  • Improve endurance, coordination, strength, flexibility and speed to achieve optimized health
  • Improve recovery achieve optimum fitness and total wellness after delivery of children and
  • Improves core strength, relieve shoulder, neck and back pains



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