Medical Fitness




Active Rehabilitation

Active rehabilitation is a program in which exercise and education are the foundation for therapy. In Gaia Life medical fitness center, the active rehabilitation programs are designed and carried out by certified athletic trainers, physiotherapies and a group of holistic wellness practitioners. All rehabilitation programs are in line with our function wellness programs and follow our holistic wellness principal. The customers will not only have a faster recovery from the customized rehabilitation program but will also win a unique lifestyle coaching which will benefit them life time.

Benefits of active rehabilitation
  • Safe, medically based exercises designed to improve strength and fitness
  • Supervision by experienced athletic trainers and exercise physiologists
  • Bridges the return to general wellness after injury or surgery
  • Improves fitness of those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, hypertension and other chronic diseases
  • Improves core strength, relieve shoulder, neck, back and pelvic pains

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