Holistic Health Philosophy

Holistic Health Philosophy 

A fundamental principle of Holistic medicine is the knowledge that health is not just the absence of disease, but a dynamic state of balance in a living energy system. By understanding the causes of disharmony and making changes and adjustments in the energy system, harmony, balance and good health can be restored. True healing focuses not just on the treatment of symptoms, but on the underlying root causes of imbalance and disease.

  • Real health involves the "whole" person.
  • Mind and body are integrated and inseparable
  • The body contains an energy system that underlies and enlivens the physical body.
  • Holistic health treats the "whole" person, not just symptoms and disease.
  • Real health is not just the absence of disease, but a positive state of being.
  • Real health is achieved with treatment of causes rather than symptoms, using natural and preventive approaches to health.
  • Each person has a responsibility for his/her own health and must be an active participant in his/her own healing.
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