Leadership Team


We are a group of passionate professionals and scientists who are dedicated to promote Integrated Medicine and holistic wellness through balance, prevention and functional enhancement in all areas of health and quality of life.



 Dr Chua Teck Mean

CEO of Gaia One International Pte Ltd

Dr Chua is the CEO of Gaia One International Group of Companies, an Employee-Owned Organization, that focuses on science and technology for the betterment of mankind. He is a keen researcher in the field of Integrated Medicine and various modality of healing and health enhancement. He is also a specialist consultant in the area of Biorisk Management that deals with biosafety and biosecurity for institutions and facilities that handles infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses & biological toxins. He has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) and several Ministry of Health in the Asia Pacific region in the field of biosafety, biosecurity and biocontainment.

In 1995, he was diagnosed with a huge brain tumor and went through a 10-hour brain surgery to remove the tumor. Given the size and high risk involved in the procedure, the neurosurgeon could only remove about 70% of the tumor as the rest of the 30% was sitting on a very vital blood vessel of the brain that, if ruptured, could end his life. After the surgery, one of his legs was affected by the trauma of the brain surgery resulting in his inability walk normally after the operation. He went for radiotherapy to treat the remaining tumor but the tumor remained active despite of the radiotherapy as confirmed by the growth of the tumor in subsequent MRI scans.

That operation was a very educational and spiritual experience that triggered his interest into the broader science of medicine and healing as he was determined to heal himself to provide for his young family and raise his three young children. That was the beginning of his journey that brought him to new horizons of understanding in medical sciences and ancient traditions of healing. Four years later, the MRI scan confirmed that the tumor had gone into remission and was no longer active. He was completely healed. His interest, personal experience and scientific knowledge in healing and medical sciences has made him an excellent counselor and trainer in Integrated Medicine where he has dedicated his life to benefit others in healing through his own personal experience


 Dr Michael Tan Hong Jin

 Managing Director of Gaia Life International Pte Ltd

Principal Inventor

Principal consultant in Bio-energy Management

Dr Michael holds bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and holistic medicine. He is the principal inventor, researcher and electrical expert of our dynamic quantum health imaging system, music hyperthermia therapy system and Qi vitalizer.  He is also our principal consultant in holistic wellness management. With 20 years of experience in research and development of electromagnetic therapy medical devices under his belt, he actively practices and researches bio-energy, regenerative therapies, anti-aging & aesthetic medicine and is a distinguished guest speaker in numerous international conference in those research areas. Other disciplines of Dr Michael’s expertise include hypertension, diabetics, asthma, women’s health, weight & fitness management as well as various types of cancer.

Through numerous years of research and practice, Dr Michael has developed his unique dynamic quantum health analysis and health management system integrating therapies from bioenergetics, nutrition, psychology, music & art. This system has helped numerous patients around the world.Recently, Dr Michael is invited as the principal scientist and consultant in two of world’s most advanced non-invasive cancer management centers (Himalaya hospital, human energy research center, India and Shandong Chao Rui Shi cancer center, Shandong, China). He is dedicated to the research and application of life force energy for cancer supporting therapy.

 Dr Joseph Guan

Chief Consultant in Brain Enhancement

Dr Joseph Guan holds a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Music Education and a Ph.D in Education, majoring in neuroscience and learning strategies. His career began as a secondary school teacher for 12 years and progressed on to serve as a vice-principal and eventually principal of various schools for nine years. He is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a certified Hypnotherapist and Neurotherapist with advanced training in Neurofeedback.

In addition, Dr Guan is a Founding Certification Instructor in Energy Psychology, an active member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Innovative Technologies on Energy Medicine (USA) and the Centre of Biofield of Sciences, UK. He has also been an international corporate trainer for 15 years, in areas such as stress management, creative thinking, team building, time management, speed reading, and learning strategies.

Currently, Dr Guan is our chief consultant in Brain Enhancement on Neurofeedback technologies, energy psychology, allergy detection and elimination, detoxification & nutritional support. To provide counseling and coaching to optimize brain functioning and the emotional well-being of his clients is his main passion and goal for Gaia Life International and the wellbeing of mankind.

Dr Cecil Wong


Principal Consultant in Anti-Aging

Dr Cecil Wong graduated from the University of Singapore in 1972 with an MBBS and completed his postgraduate in Obstetric and Gynaecology in 1978. He practiced OBGYN until some 15 years ago when he started to immerse himself in wellness and preventive medicine. Dr Wong is presently practicing Integrative Functional Medicine using nutrition, detoxification, bio-identical hormone replacement, aesthetic medicine and cellular regenerative products.

Dr Wong has visited and studied in many well-known institutions in Switzerland, Germany, the United States, France and Korea in various aspects of wellness management and regenerative medicine. He has formulated his personal longevity and wellness programme by integrating many aspects of biological control of ageing with the personal motto, “If you give me one year, I aim to return you 10.”


 Dr Marilyn Zhou


Chief Consultant in Detoxification

Chief consultant in Anti-aging, Senior Beautician

Dr Zhou holds bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a post-graduate diploma in beauty & care from Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. She was a gynecologist in Wu Yi Hospital, Fujian China for 12 years. She is also a trained aromatherapist and an honored member of the Association of Beauty Care in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Association of Anti-aging China.

In 1998 and 2007, she established HuaXia beauty care and rehabilitation centre in China and in Singapore respectively.  Since then, she is actively involved in professional conferences in beauty care and rehabilitation, providing beauty care training and courses for students globally. Her expertise covers health detoxification, anti-aging, soul, mind, body healing with various types of natural therapies.

A prominent figure in media, she was an invited key speaker in beauty and rehabilitation for 97.2FM and 95.8FM radio mediacorp Singapore.


Dr Zhong Miao

TCM Physician

Principal Consultant in Digestive Management

Stress and Pain Management

Hair Management

Dr Zhong holds a bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Singapore colleague of traditional Chinese medicine and a master’s degree in internal medicine from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a registered TCM physician & acupuncturist in Singapore where she also gives lectures in the People’s Association of Singapore, teaching meridian rehabilitation. In addition, she is an invited council member of the 1st board of specialty committee of Gastrointestinal Disease in the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

Dr Zhong served her apprenticeship with Dr Lee Kim Leong for Acupuncture, Dr Cai Hong Guan for Meridian rehabilitation. She also served as physician of Chinese medicine in Beijing 101 for 3 years. In 2010, she established Shangri-la TCM wellness Clinic. Her expertise includes hair management, digestive management, stress & pain management.

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